My Amigo!

DS trying on his swim towel for size; it’s brilliantly designed as a poncho with a hood. (Thank you to BF, as she bought it for him.) We are planning a family visit to our local pool tomorrow morning, so I had to go searching in the back of the airing cupboard to find it.
Seeing him wearing it over his clothes made me think of those dreadful ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ from the 1960s!

5 thoughts on “My Amigo!

  1. Oh Ruth sweetie…
    This is such a beautiful picture of DS in his towel. I love it. He will love this towel so much you will find him playing and pretending in it. My son used his as his super hero costume. He played in it all the time at this age.

    Now tell me you have an indoor heated pool somewhere that you are going to go swimming in yes? Take lots of pics. I love it when you share.

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry


  2. That towel is really cute, I love the photo! When anyone says Amigo I think of the movie The Three Amigos – it used to be my son's favourite movie at one time and we watched it over and over!
    Enjoy your swim – hope the pool isn't too busy.


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