How The New Year Looks

Shimelle, in her Blogging for Scrapbookers guide, wants to know today how my 2010 is looking so far. I’ve thought about this for most of this afternoon and I came to the conclusion that, taken as a whole, it’s been pretty pants.

Why’s that, you ask? In a nutshell ~ my MIL’s Alzheimer’s has dramatically and rapidly decreased her quality of life, and, by association, that of my FIL, The Brainy One and SiL. Our next step is full-time professional care.
My SiL is still in recovery from a 2nd bout of cancer.
Our business is struggling due to the current economic climate (UK out of recession because of a rise in growth of 0.1%? Don’t make me laugh).
The Boy Child isn’t yet potty trained (down to me, not him) and he’s waiting on a referral to Speech Therapy.
Me? I’m doing what it says on the banner of my blog ~ trying to hold it all together.
These are subjects that I would never normally blog about; I try to keep the really personal stuff away the virtual world, which is why I blog so much about scrapping, I suppose.
But Shimelle asked, and I feel better just by articulating it.

10 thoughts on “How The New Year Looks

  1. I bet that wasn't so easy to post but I hope you feel better for it. Sometimes it helps to just put it out there and get it off your chest. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, I can only imagine how difficult that must be. Hopefully things will pick up for your DH as the year progresses. I know only too well what it's like as my DH has just picked up a contract after being out of work for nearly 8 months. I hope 2010 starts improving soon for all our sakes!


  2. Brave lady! You're doing a grand job and I can say that cos I've seen you at it 1st hand! Love and hugs to all of you, you're constantly in our thoughts 🙂 xx


  3. I am really not sure what to say as there is so much going on. My DH ia also trying to find work it has been a tough time for many of us but blogging and chatting to people like u make me realise I am not alone. Thanks for sharing xxx


  4. Squishes from the Scottish Office. Things can only get better. Don't worry about H. He's a boy and they do what they want when they want. You're doing a great job. LYL xxx

    This might make you laugh. The word verification for this comment is MALLY. maybe we should find one and drown our sorrows!!


  5. So sorry to read about your MIL, so many of my friend's parents are suffering from this disease…it is so hard on the family as well.
    Everything will work out, it always does. Sending you and your family big hugs…..:-)


  6. I can relate to what you are going through. We just went through having my FIL in the hospital and my MIL has Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy and can't do things for herself. My FIL has been providing all her care, so all of the sudden it was my DH and me taking over. What a shock and a wake-up call. And at the same time my 20 yr old daughter had her wisdom teeth out and was having complications. Life never gets easier, does it? But we just keep on going. But at least I can sympathize with you from afar. I know how exhausting it can be! Hope you have a great week.



  7. I hope writing about it all has helped Ruth. I'm so sorry about your MIL and all the rest too and I'm hoping that 2010 starts to look a little brighter soon. Horsey sends his best xx


  8. Sorry to hear about your family problems Ruth and it was brave of you to write this post.
    I'm sure your son will get the idea soon enough, boys are always slower in that regard. My mother has Alzheimer's and will turn 80 in a couple of weeks. Her carer is my Dad who is 86! I worry about either one of them falling or needing care, but I will tackle that if it happens, and so will you. For now, I'm sure it's good to know there are people out there who care and can 'listen'.


  9. Ruth, my husbands grandmother is in full time care in a place specifically for Alzheimers, she is 95 next week and her condition is affecting us all. She has reached a place where it is now distressing for her to have visitors as she doesn't recognise any of us – it is very sad for her sons and her grandchildren – her great-grandchildren are all too young to understand.
    I hope the year picks up for you 🙂


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