~ Ever hopeful ~

I can’t remember the last time I bought a Lottery ticket, but something prompted me to do so this week. To counter balance the odds of not winning, I’ve also put a £1 in The Boy Child’s piggy bank!
(That black & white photo is me in 1972 ~ My sister had used me to play hairdressers and had cut half of my fringe, so mum had to cut the other half to try and even things up! These days, I love this photo because every time I look at it, I see The Boy Child.)

6 thoughts on “26/365

  1. Good luck! I love those kind of photos too. It always(nicely) surprises me when someone says the chidren look like me because I see my husband in them.


  2. I was just thinking it was a photo of your DS before I read the post :).
    Good luck with your ticket, I haven't bought one for a while, I got fed up never getting any numbers come up!


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