This Is Me …

Both Mel at I Speak Melsh and Amy at Over At Our Place have recently discussed the rarity of actually appearing in a photo. (Shimelle’s challenge about articulating why we scrapbook seems to have given us all food for thought.) This seems to be a common theme with scrappers ~ we’re too busy taking the shots to remember to appear in them. With that in mind, I had a trawl around my photo collection and the above is what I came up with.
You have from top left: Royal Ascot finery, June 2002; Falkland Islands, 1987; ServisAir at Manchester Airport, summer 1996; 35th birthday in Rome, 2003; newly pregnant, 2006. Second row, right hand side: Monaco, Boxing day, 2001; Christmas Day, 2004. Bottom row from left: Germany, 1989; newly married, 2005; Teddington Lock, August 2002, Scrapagogo Retreat, June 2008 (photo taken by Shimelle) … a photo that is 18 months old is the most recent one of me? Point made.
The text on the photo reads … a photograph gives us the naked truth, which has to be clothed by the imagination.

6 thoughts on “This Is Me …

  1. Good for you 🙂 But yes, I find the same – pics of me are few and far between! I am trying, but whether I'll be brave enough to post them on my blog is another matter….


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