Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #3

Over on the Scrap Weekly 2010 blog this week, Helen set the challenge to scrap dodgy photo(s). This shot of DS is slightly blurry, his face is hidden and he has the ironing board growing out of the side of his head … I think that fits the bill for a dodgy photo, wouldn’t you say?!

Thing is, now that it’s done, I’m not sure I like it. But in it will go, into DS’s album and maybe it will grow on me. You know, a bit like mould!

By the way, I am setting the next challenge on the Scrap Weekly 2010 blog this Sunday morning … would love it if you stopped by and took part. And there may, just may, be a wee prize involved.

10 thoughts on “Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #3

  1. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    I so love this post. The picture of DS is precious drinking from his cup, and I love the use of the BINGO card with the new letters on them. I have some cards, and had as of yet figured out what to do with them. Thank you for the wonderful idea. I love it. I also love the usage of the assorted letters and the cup. You are so creative. I love to see come and see what you are making.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie.
    Country hugs…Sherry


  2. Hi Ruth

    Just stopped by for PS and am glad that I got to read this post too. I went and became a follower of Scrap weekly so I'll see you post on Sunday.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  3. I actually really like this one, I think it's a cute way of documenting DS drinking from his cup and I hadn't noticed the ironing board or the fact that it was blurry, it's just a cute photo.


  4. I'm sure this layout will grow on you. I like it. The photo's natural and not posed, showing DS doing what he does every day, drinking from his cup. Ain't nothin wrong with that!


  5. You are a perfectionist my sweet friend! I never noticed the ironing board or the blurry pic. I just saw DS, your adorable child ,drinking from his cup! Just a very natural photo!I truly enjoyed it!


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