Candid Camera

We had a friend visit last night and stay over. This morning, DS was fascinated by her pink Ugg-style slippers, and when she wasn’t looking, he tried them on for size! He’s going to be so embarrassed by these photos when he’s older, isn’t he?!
I should have kept these images for next week’s Pink Saturday post, shouldn’t I? Doh!

11 thoughts on “Candid Camera

  1. WOW…he's grown up all of a sudden…..apologies for my AWOL status but I'm back for 2010 and promise to drop in more to say hey….hope you and yours are all doing well….
    Mandi xx


  2. I bought my 5 year old sand colored UGGS for Christmas, they didn't come in pink but they look so sweet on her little feet and she loves them.
    I think these photos are so cute and will bring a smile to his face in future years……:-) Hugs


  3. This is too cute but remember it is good blackmail to save this picture when he is older and needs to see things your way! Ha! Ha!

    I love checking in on your post!

    Happy Pink Saturday to You!


  4. lol! Yep, would have been ideal for a future Pink Saturday 🙂 Not to worry, plenty of mileage in using them for scrapbooking , embarrassment value, blackmail etc….


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