From The Archives

Today’s suggestion from Shimelle’s A Year of Blogging is to post a photo from years ago and write something inspired by that photo. Except that I’m not going to bother with the 2nd part. In this delightful school photo, you can see me and my sister.

The year is 1974 and we went to Buntingsdale Infants School, which was the junior school on camp at RAF Tern Hill in Shropshire. I am 6 and my sister is 8. Those pinafores were most likely handmade by Mum and they were almost definitely made from Crimpolene. (A year or so later, our pinafores were stolen off the washing line, but that’s an entirely different story …)

Our jumpers would have been acrylic, a fabric I remember squeaking if you bit it …. I know, don’t ask! My clearest memory of this photo being taken is that of a teacher (headmistress?) pouncing on me, in order to tidy my hair. I’ve always had a mop of very thick hair, so it is quite likely that I looked like a scarecrow! I was, after all, only six. And on reflection, I don’t think scarecrow hair could have looked as anywhere near as awful as the teacher-styled-mop!

5 thoughts on “From The Archives

  1. Hmmm, crimpolene! I remember it well lol!! As for the acrylic and squeaking, I remember that only too well too and it sets my teeth on edge! It's lovely to look back though, I might have to find one of my oldies (seeing as I haven't taken a photo yet today!)


  2. Oh this is such a cute picture and yes I dressed my children in a lot of crimpolene (didn't need to iron just hung up straight from the dryer)……..:-) Hugs


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