First LO For 2010’s Album

It’s lucky that I discovered scrapbooking when I did, on honeymoon in Australia, because we now have a chronological set of albums documenting our married life. And as it’s January, it’s time to start on album #6. I am so chuffed that I snapped the perfect photo before breakfast on New Year’s Day. Perfect as in the image, not necessarily the technical specifications.

5 thoughts on “First LO For 2010’s Album

  1. I popped over from Liz's blog and am happy to meet you. I think your hair was lovely in the picture Liz posted.
    I envy those who are creative and scrapbooking is such a wonderful way to keep our memories near and dear to us……:-) Hugs


  2. I think that LO is just great! It really makes me feel I too will be able to scrapbook! I also need to start soon so I can have lots of scrapbooks to look back on like you!


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