~ Recycling Day ~

Food waste (raw & cooked), newspapers, cardboard, plastic, tin cans, glass bottles & jars and what’s left goes into general household waste.

6 thoughts on “12/365

  1. This might seem like a normal occurance to you, but it's interesting to me to see how you recycle in London. :o) Ours is all thrown (unsorted) into a recycle bin (plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper) and picked up once a week. All the rest goes into another can that's just taken to the trash dump and not recycled. You are way ahead of us in the recycling gig!


  2. You get food waste recycled??? We can recycle cardboard, paper, glass, tin and some plastics – but not food container plastics or marg/ice cream cartons. I'm impressed with how much they take in your area.


  3. That's an interesting idea for a pic! Our bin men haven't managed to get round for ages (Christmas/New Year disruption and then the snow) so we now have our recycle bin and ordinary bin overflowing 😦


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