The Tyranny That Is Card Making

In Shimelle’s guide A Year Of Blogging, she suggests for today sharing a handmade card or two. When I read that, my heart sank! I think I’m one of the worst card makers there has probably ever been … and still, every now and again, I feel compelled to try and overcome my fear. Thank you cards for birthday presents received by DS is behind today’s attempt … but at least I used the sewing machine!

8 thoughts on “The Tyranny That Is Card Making

  1. Hi Ruth, sorry I am so late but I want to thank you for the lovely little notebook you sent me. It is gorgeaous and so right for my granddaughter. She loves hearts and pink. I will make a picture and show it on pink Saturday.
    Thanks again


  2. But these are lovely cards Ruth. You should be proud of your them!
    BTW thank you for the lovely challenge prize that arrived today. Wonderful parcel full of goodies that I will enjoy using!


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