My Workspace ~ Right Now!

In Shimelle’s guide A Year Of Blogging, she suggests for today a photo of your work space, just as it is right now. Now, you may not think that my scrapping desk is particularly untidy, but believe me when I say, that for me, it is.

You can see, in no particular order: the edge of my sewing machine, a list of presents The Boy Child received yesterday and blank thank-you notes, an In Sympathy card still waiting to be written in, two scrapping magazines, the dreaded journal-less Lanzarote album and a Lanzarote guide book, my completed LSNED from December, my 365:2010 journal, gold ribbon from yesterday’s birthday cake, photos of my dad and my nephew, spice jars of buttons, cookie jars of flowers and Shimelle’s A Year Of Blogging.

What is your desk/craft space looking like?

8 thoughts on “My Workspace ~ Right Now!

  1. Too untidy to show you!! It's got two cameras, my printer, my computer, my MM 12″ paper cutter, punches, tape, books, pens and so the list goes on! Too much clutter!


  2. You're not seeing mine either lol!! My workspace is actually the coffee table in the living room, which basically means it's the ENTIRE living room…. 😉 Love the look of yours, very organised 🙂

    PS Thanks so much for being my first Project 365 link! xx


  3. I'll take a picture in the morning when I have some daylight to play with but suffice to say I am disorganised in comparison to you and my desk is always in turmoil while I work on anything 😉


  4. Mine is back in the gathering dust stage at the moment as reading has taken over. Back to work tomorrow so no more crafting/blogging during the day :0(


  5. I don't have a proper workspace
    since I create between the room
    and the dining room.

    currently living with my in-laws
    and there isn't enough space in
    the house for a studio. am hoping
    for one when I can get my own home ^^


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