Sharing A Quotation

In her guide “A Year Of Blogging”, Shimelle suggests that for today’s post we share a quotation, lyric or other words we find inspiring.

This is mine, and apologies to Mum and Sib for catching them unawares:

Be still.
Close your eyes.
Listen for my footfall in your heart.
I am not gone but, merely walk within you.

I don’t know who wrote this, I came across it in a book the actress Sheila Hancock had written about her late husband John Thaw. It struck a cord with me, and I believe it to be true. My Dad didn’t live long enough to see me or my sister get married or to see his two grandsons (who can sometimes look like mini versions of their Grandpa), but I felt him very much with me on my wedding day and immediately after DS was born. I’ve never asked Sib if she experienced similar feelings, but I hope that she did.

8 thoughts on “Sharing A Quotation

  1. What a beautiful quote. I'm sure it is true! Perhaps now your sister will let you know if she felt the same.
    As for the ironing, I think I might pass on that one ;o)


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