~ A cold start ~

8 thoughts on “5/365

  1. Good Morning Sweetie…
    I haven't seen milk in a bottle forever. Do you actually get milk in a bottle, or are these old?

    If you can still get milk delivered like this, I am so envious.

    I remember we had a metal box on our frontporch when we were kids, and every night Moma put the bottles out, and every morning, we magically had new ones. I thought it was the greatest thing ever, as it was like getting a present. Thanks for the wonderful memory Ruth.

    I love the beautiful frost, and the cap just barely open. So very beautiful. You and Liz are just the best photographers I ever seen. What beautiful eye candid shots you both capture. I thank you for sharing with me this morning.

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry


  2. Sherry,
    This crate of milk bottles was outside DS's nursery this morning. You can still have milk delivered to your doorstep in this country, but most of us now go to the supermarket ~ much cheaper, I think. Ice cold milk straight out of a glass bottle is one of the best things ever!


  3. I still get milk delivered in bottles and I will continue for as long as there are deliveries because it is the greenest way. A glass milk bottle has an average use expectancy of 20 times while a plastic bottle has one time. Glass is recycleable every time even when it breaks it can be melted down. Yes it might seem cheaper in the supermarket but in the long term it will cost us dear.
    ~climbs down of her high horse~
    I have this big thing about packaging and recycling


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