What Are You Reading?

Currently there are 3 books and 2 magazines stacked up ever so neatly on my bedside table. I’m supposed to be reading Sea Of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh for my book group (which is meeting on Thursday and I’m leading the discussion again …), but I must confess to struggling with it. I’m about half way through and I’m irritated by the use of pidgin English and the number of characters. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was a Christmas present from my mum and Brothers In Battle, Best Of Friends by Bill Guarnere & Babe Heffron was a Christmas present from my sister. The 2 magazines are scrapping ones, of course, and seem to win out every night at bedtime!
What are you reading, or planning to read, just now?

6 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I must say that REDEEMING LOVE by Francis Rivers was one of the best books I EVER read! It changed my life! I have given copies to several friends and try to reread it occasionally. Right now I am reading a light mystery series waiting for the book THE HELP to come and then I will read that as I have heard it is excellent.



  2. At the moment the book closest to my hands is the Photoshop Elements 8 book ;o). Once I'm happy the house is back in order I'll think about starting a new book.


  3. Soemtimes it's a lot easier to grab a magazine and look at the pictures at bedtime..especially as that print just seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go by lol. I'm also reading Tara Frey's “Blogging For Bliss”


  4. My mount to-be-read is a shelf that is three feet long and deep enough for the books to be double-stacked. On the table next to my bed I have 7 books. on the shelf above the bed are the books I like to re-read… I don't have a window for magazines until 2012 LOL although I do have the catalogue from Dolls House Emporium and a £40 voucher that is claiming a lot of spare moments.
    I have Just read The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes


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