Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #1

Over at Scrap Weekly 2010, Dawn has set the first challenge: think about your goals and/or aspirations for this year, use up old stash and use a photo of yourself.

This is what I came up with (bearing in mind what I wrote earlier about resolutions): since I became a parent I have become such a worrier. I worry about silly stuff, stuff I have no control over and stuff that is likely never to happen. Some days it’s a constant refrain of, “I can’t …” “What if?” and “What about?” I drive myself nuts with it, so goodness alone knows what it’s like for DH!

DH has a saying that he uses on me frequently: “Courage is a muscle, it goes away if you don’t use it.”

3 thoughts on “Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #1

  1. Before having children nothing would stop me doing what I wanted, now it's a different story. There always seems to be a “what if…” which makes me stop and think twice. I like the word Courage – it's different to the usual ones and quite powerful. Good luck with having more courage in the year ahead.


  2. I really like this and I will keep that saying in mind. I too,am a worrier. I think worrying begings when you become a parent and never leaves courage would be a good thing for me to keep in mind.


  3. Love this page, especially the photo. I wish I was more photogenic but all I see is the wrinkles!
    DH has an excellent attitude, very wise!


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