SLYMI: Week 52

Here it is … the 52nd challenge of 52 challenges set by Shimelle over the last year. The challenge this week? Scrap 2009.

And I’ve successfully used my sewing machine! Yay!

7 thoughts on “SLYMI: Week 52

  1. Oh My Gosh…
    You go Ruth, Girl I am so proud of you. I love this new picture of you. Did you get contacts? This is going to be your year to shine sweetie. I am so excited.

    I have to tell you my special package arrived the day before Christmas. I was so thrilled. What a wonderful gift of love. I love my little book, and the pen is going to work with me. I think it may be one that maybe none of the guys will run off with. They won't want to be seen with this pink fluffy one.

    The stationery is always a thrill for me. I love writing home, and to friends, and so I am always so tickled when I get new to use. Thank you Ruth for all of the beautiful gifts in my package. I had a really bad day that day, and this really made me feel better.

    You make the most beautiful things. I am always so amazed at what you have to share. I wish I could sit down long enough to make a few things. Maybe soon. My weekends are going to get back to normal and I want to start creating again.

    Happy New Year Ruth. Sweetie I love the new look. It is so you.

    Country hugs and much love…Sherry


  2. Well done on completing your challenge and on using your sewing machine – it looks good!! Not something I've done on a layout yet but you never know, one day I may just try ;o)


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