LSNED ’09: Day 27

Today I learned that it’s good to see the end in sight. As tasty as the turkey has been, I’m glad it’s nearly finished! However, I’m not complaining because it provided 2 Christmas lunches, Christmas Night sandwiches x2, sandwiches x2 yesterday lunchtime, turkey with chips and gravy last night x2 (it’s a Northern thing to have gravy with chips (French Fries, for the Americans), trust me on this) and sandwiches x2 at lunchtime today. Oh, and not forgetting tidbits for the pooch! DS wouldn’t entertain the idea of eating any at all, his loss, me thinks!

Pizza for supper tonight!

5 thoughts on “LSNED ’09: Day 27

  1. I know the feeling ;o), ours didn't make quite as many meals but I guess that's because there are more of us. I'm looking forward to starting to get back to “normal”. Pizza doesn't sound bad at all!!


  2. My daughter and I love “wet fries” – or chips with gravy as you would call them! That must have been one big turkey to get all those meals! A turkey sandwich sounds really good right now…


  3. I love turkey but think I'd go off it rapidly if I had to eat it for every meal! my mum always cooks and freezes the turkey so we just take enough out to do on Christmas Day. We have chips &gravy in Scotland too. Love it,especially from the Chinese


  4. Mmm, chips and gravy…. I was born southern but I've evolved!! 😉

    Our turkey gives us lots of extra portions for the freezer, that way we don't get fed up with it over these few days….

    Hope you had a fab Christmas 🙂


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