Pink Saturday With A Christmas Twist #3

Here we are again ~ Pink Saturday, but this time with a Christmas twist! Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, the fantastic weekly host of what is obviously now an enormous task, asked us to include a favourite Christmas tradition this week. In our family, the tradition was a Chinese takeaway on Christmas Eve; mum was obviously far too busy to worry about feeding 3 starving children and a starving husband! I’ve tried to introduce that tradition to DH, but he’s none too keen. We’re hampered by the fact that the best Chinese within walking distance closed down and the 2nd best one, a 10 minute trip by car, closed down for a refit and doesn’t appear to have reopened. However, last year in Scotland, when questioned about what was for supper, Sib and I looked at each other and said, practically in unison, “Chinese takeaway, of course!”

This week’s GiveAway can be seen here; if you would like a chance to win it, please leave a comment to show that you dropped by; become a follower of this ordinary, run-of-the-mill blog if you’d like a 2nd chance of winning. The random number selector thingy will choose the winner at 12 Noon (GMT) on Tuesday, 22 December. However, I won’t be posting it until after Christmas.
I’m also running a Christmas Challenge with a prize here ~ it would be great if you stopped by, it runs until the end of the month, so plenty of time left to join in. In the mean time, Happy Festive Pink Saturday to you!

14 thoughts on “Pink Saturday With A Christmas Twist #3

  1. Ruth, that sounds like a good tradition to me. The only thing that beats it is going to a friend's house to eat where THEY do the cooking. 😉 That's what we're doing.

    I will say that one of the most fun parties I've been to involved Chinese takeout, and it was at my cousin's house. They bought some of just about everything on the menu, and we ate until we could not eat another bite. It was fun and so no-stress for a party. Love this idea for Christmas Eve…


    Sheila 🙂


  2. The chinese takeaway comes in really neat containers these days, plastic ones with tight lids. They will wash in the dishwasher so they don't smell or feel greasy and they are perfect for embellies, brads, eyelets, chipboard shapes, flowers and all sorts of stuff I have hundreds full of all those small things that are not self adhesive that come in packets.


  3. I love Chinese Food and adore this tradition. Thanks for the great picture and I hope to check out your local restaurants sometime.
    Happy Day to you and your family and I hope you get your package soon.


  4. Ruth, I love your and Liz's tradition of Chinese takeout. I think it is a tradition I would love, and since we already have a Christmas Eve food tradition, I will add Chinese takeout to one night between Christmas and New Years.

    You know I am already one of your followers. Thank you for the opportunities to win. You are so good to always do these special giveaways.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  5. Chinese take-out sounds good to me. Maybe we'll start that tradition – sure would be better than trying to cook along with everything else 🙂 Happy Pink Saturday/


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