LSNED ’09: Day 19

Today I learned that nice guys don’t always come last. Tonight was the grand final of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing reality TV show. The 2 finalists were Chris Hollins, the sports presenter on BBC Breakfast News and Ricky Whittle, an actor in C4’s teen soap Hollyoaks. Technically, Ricky Whittle was the better dancer and I had thought he’d be a certain winner. However, Chris Hollins and his partner Ola Jordan had different ideas; all 4 of their dances, in particular the Charleston and their Free Dance, were entertaining and impressive. The voting public obviously agreed and voted him the 2009 Series 7 Winner.
DS was allowed to stay up for the 1st part of the show and he made mum and I giggle with his comments. He said, “I wub Brucie!” (Bruce Forsyth is the host of Strictly, and something akin to a National Treasure in the UK), “not bad,” after Ricky’s 1st dance and “that was a good dance” after Chris’s Charleston. A boy of discerning taste.

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