LSNED ’09: Day 16

Today I learned that our Christmas fairy makes our tree complete: just as she has done for the last thirty five years.

I love coming through the front door and seeing her looking down at me from the top of the tree.

One thought on “LSNED ’09: Day 16

  1. Hi Ruth…
    I so love this beautiful fairy. (I enjoyed hearing the story behind her at Liz's blog). She is so beautiful and I think it is just wonderful that you all still have her after all this time. I am very sentimental, so I love things that have been passed down. Sadly neither one of you have a girl as of yet, so we have to hope the boys some day will take as good of care of her, as you two sisters have. She is beautiful Ruth.

    Please stop by and read my post today. I think you know at least 1 of the people in there and maybe more.

    Country hugs and so much love sweetie. Thank you for sharing. Oh and I was so sorry to hear about little guy's buggy. That was not fun and I am sure quite scary, especially crossing a busy intersection.

    Talk to you soon. Hugs…Sherry


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