Update On DH

Firstly, thank very much to those of you who have left me lovely messages of support. I’m thinking of you all as my lovely bloggie friends.

Unfortunately, DH is still in the hospital, as it turns out his gall bladder was inflamed and infected ~ yuk! (It did cross my mind that it could have been avoided if he hadn’t waited so long for an appointment, but I suppose we’ll never know that for certain.) On the plus side, DH looks so much better than yesterday and was up and about when I got there at lunchtime ~ thank goodness I bought him new pjs! He has to have one more round of IV antibiotics, but then should be allowed home some time tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

(Here’s the view from DH’s window ~ presumably much better in sunnier weather!)

Secondly, I have to thank my wonderful mum, who came here at fairly short notice, for stepping fully into Granny mode with DS, allowing me to focus on DH.

10 thoughts on “Update On DH

  1. Sorry to hear your DH didn't make it home today. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling that much better and be able to come home. What would we do without our Mums/Grandmas!!


  2. Didn't get on last night to comment. Sorry to hear that A is still in hospital but fingers crossed that the anti-biotics work and he can come home today. hugs to everyone and love from the “Scottish Office” xxxx


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