A Worrying Kind Of Day

Today was the day DH finally went into hospital for the removal of his gall bladder. He’s been waiting for months, much longer than the 18 weeks recommended by the Government. DH had keyhole surgery (quite amazing, isn’t it?) and we had hoped he’d be home by this evening. Unfortunately, his blood pressure was a little high and his sats a little low after the surgery, so he’s in over night. I must confess to a little wobble when I arrived on the ward and found him in a bed opposite the Nurses Station, and wearing an oxygen mask. I’ve just rung the ward and they said that he’s now asleep and that his blood pressure is down. Fingers crossed he’ll be home tomorrow.

My wonderful mum arrived at lunchtime, enabling me to scoot off to the hospital without worrying about DS. I believe he and Granny had a wonderful afternoon and I wasn’t missed at all!

6 thoughts on “A Worrying Kind Of Day

  1. Ruth, so glad the surgery is over and sounds like he is doing fine and will be home tomorrow! So scary to see a loved one ill, what a blessing to have your Mum to help. Get some rest!


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