LSNED ’09: Day 10

Today I learned that my boy will wear a hat, if told it had belonged to his very favourite cousin. DS has never really been a one for wearing a hat in the winter, despite my best efforts. I put it on his head and he immediately takes it off. This afternoon I had a brainwave, “Look at this lovely hat, it used to belong to S.” Bingo, on his head it went, and what’s more, it stayed there! And I told the truth, the hat did belong to my nephew; my sister is doing her bit to recycle perfectly good clothing and we are happily accepting anything that comes our way!

4 thoughts on “LSNED ’09: Day 10

  1. Recycling is good. I received clothes from family and friends for my girls, and even passed them on after they grew out of them! And the girls enjoyed something 'new' to wear!
    Love the 'awsome' on that hat!


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