Expect The Unexpected

Just one hour after dropping DS off at nursery, the nursery manager called to say that DS had stuck a bead up his nose and they couldn’t get it out! All those plans I had for this morning? Straight out of the window! Still, I managed not to panic and called the GP’s surgery for advice ~ take him to A&E, they said. Collected up lunch, spare nappies, 3 stories and left a note for DH, who was out walking the dog. DH is having a day out today at the annual Varsity match at Twickenham, but more of that later.

DS looked as right as rain when I got to nursery, apart from some red blotches on the side of his nose. I had a squint up a nostril and got a good view of a firmly embedded plastic bead! Cue time for a big adventure ~ a trip on the #83 bus to the local hospital, with me praying all the way that a) there wouldn’t be a queue and therefore a long wait, and b) there would be a paediatric nurse on duty. My prayers were answered, as we were in and out in 20 minutes, with me having learnt a new technique. The young (very young!) nurse said there were 2 ways of proceeding: the Hard Way ~ where DS would have to be held down, and the Mum’s Way ~ where I would force it out by closing off the unblocked nostril and placing my mouth over DS’s and blowing as hard as I could! You’re right if you think that sounds disgusting, it was … and I had to it twice in order to get the required result. Two brightly coloured beads shot out of DS’s nose at a great rate of knots, which he thought was very funny! The nurse kindly gave me a pot to put the beads in, which I then gave to DS. Big mistake! He waved them around quite excitedly and caught me a whopper on the bridge of my nose! The nurse made me sit down because I was seeing stars and she didn’t want me to become patient #2!
Anyway, all is well. DS is having his nap and then we are off to a Christmas Tea Party where there is mulled wine on offer for the mummies!

10 thoughts on “Expect The Unexpected

  1. I see you have labelled this I will Scrapbook this! That made me smile. I'm glad all's well that end's well but I'm sure it wasn't very funny at the time. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comments about my SI page.


  2. Good times! I'm glad everything turned out well, and you should now be able to get at least several posts, scrapbook pages, photos out of this! Oh, and the stories you'll tell his future girl friends!!!!!! TFS!


  3. Oh my gosh. What a way to start your day! I know this may not have seemed like a fun story at the time, but it sure is now! I'm glad you plan to scrap this later. :o)


  4. Glad everything turned out well in the end – and you learnt a new technique while at it ;o). Look forward to seeing the scrapbook page next! Hope the rest of your day went according to plan.


  5. I admit to being a little freaked when I read the title of this… SO glad he's okay and that you are, too. Now, that it's over, it is pretty funny about blowing the beads out of his nose. I'm just glad he didn't knock you out! Have a couple glassed of that mulled wine, and hopefully, all will be better.


    Sheila 🙂


  6. Oh My Gosh sweetie…
    I cannot believe it. How many kids in our lifetimes have done this very thing? At least 1 of my three and at least 1 of my 7 grandchildren. What is it about putting something up their nose that fascinates them?

    Oh well, you are all okay, and once you get to the tea and have a little wine, all will be forgotten.

    Happy holidays sweetie…Sherry


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