LSNED ’09: Day 8

Today I learned that an everyday day event for an adult can be a BIG ADVENTURE for someone not quite three! I had to take DS for a routine appointment at a nearby hospital this lunchtime, so he got to have a treat and travelled there in a black cab. (London is famous for its black cab drivers. It takes roughly 4 years to qualify for a Hackney Carriage licence, as opposed to a mini cab licence, and the wannabe cabbies are said to be “doing the Knowledge.”) Anyway, DS absolutely loved it, and chatted non-stop about everything he could see for the whole trip, much to the amusement of the driver. We came part of the way home by bus, so that just about finished him off!!

When was the last time you were excited by the prospect of public transport?

3 thoughts on “LSNED ’09: Day 8

  1. My dad always said that you have to make memories because they don't make themselves. He might not remember why you went in a cab or on a bus but he will remember. I think it is wonderful.


  2. Aw, bless 🙂

    I still get a bit excited at the prospect of a journey by train, it was such a novelty when I was growing up…. Not sure I've actually grown up yet!!


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