LSNED ’09: Day 7

Last post for today … Today I learned that it is never too early to eat a mince pie! By that I mean, either in December or in the day. You have to be quick in this house, though, as both DH and DS love them. I buy the mini ones (who has the time to make them?) in an attempt to ration their intake, but DS does look so cute when he nibbles away at one. (Only as a treat and if he’s eaten all his tea ~ lamb with mint couscous this evening, and scoffed with alacrity! Oooh, have to watch that, sounds as though I am boasting. I’m not, honest!)

3 thoughts on “LSNED ’09: Day 7

  1. That is adorable! I love green.
    Quick question re.your scrapbook challenge, I understand about the colors and theme, but you said the layout has to be exactly the same- Do you mean I have to put the photos and lettering in the identical configuration that you used?? I have never, ever done a scrapbook challenge before, I apologize for my ignorance.
    Thank you so much.


  2. Er… I make them….. But I have good reason to, I have to make my own mincemeat because of my nut allergy – I can't trust the shop bought ones not to cause an allergic reaction.

    Lamb with mint couscous sounds yummy, you boast all you like 🙂


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