The 1,000th Post

I noticed late last week that I was fast approaching my 1,000th post on this blog ~ and here it is!

I can hardly believe that I have reached this blogging milestone. And I have to say that I’ve got here because of you. In the beginning, there were just a few regular readers, all of whom are known to me, but now I have 54 cyber buddies all dipping in and out of my everyday life. Amazing!

To mark this milestone, I am going to give away a small package of gifts (which you can see above). The shot isn’t the best, due to poor light and positioning, so here’s what I’m going to include in the parcel: a reindeer Christmas tree decoration, a twinkling Christmas tree brooch (kitsch, I know, but I thought it was great fun), a red star-shaped mini photo frame, a pink pen with fluff and a butterfly at the end, a pair of flower magnets, a pack of 5 postcards, a pink notebook and a Cath Kidston stationery set.
If you’d like to be included in the drawing (I’ll draw it on the 10th), just leave me a comment telling me why you blog. Easy peasy.

15 thoughts on “The 1,000th Post

  1. I'm in! What a great prize.

    Why do I blog? Well, I think it started because it was quicker than scrapbooking, easier than digital scrapbooking at the time, and as a way to share my crafts with my family. Now it has turned into inspiring and being inspired by my cyber buddies! :o)

    Congratulations on #1,000!


  2. Hi Ruth…
    Country hugs sweetie. I started blogging because living in a big city like Phoenix, I found it very hard to make friends. I just wanted to share and visit with a few friends. Find a place that I could fit in. People would like me for what I have to offer, and not judge me for what I am not.

    I wanted to meet people from places I have never been, places I would like to see.

    I've always like going on home tours, and blogging we tour each others homes everyday.

    I thank you for your friendship and for the opportunity to enter such a wonderful giveaway.

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry


  3. Great giveaway 🙂
    I blog because you do!! I spent all that time reading your blog I thought I'd better start my own and it's a good way for you and Mum to keep up with the Scottish Office!!!


  4. I originally started blogging as a technical challenge to see if I could actually do it. Then as a place to store my crafty things, sort of an on-line diary. I never actually thought anyone read any of it so getting my first comment was a happy dance moment. Now I am finding it strangely addictive and have met some great cyber friends through it and seen lots of fab inspiration out there. Congratulations on hitting 1000 I've a while to go.


  5. I started to blog to have a place to sell my jewelry. I have so become addicted to blogging I am going to make me another blog just for chatting. It is wonderful to see some many people have the same trials and tribulation in their lives as I do. I don't think I can write as well as alot of them out there but I am willing to give it a try. Probably after the holidays.


  6. Will it count if don't blog but read about 100 blogs regularly? Blogs I read are about gardening, knitting, sewing, tablescapes, tea and frugal living. I can't name a favorite because it entirely depends on my mood that day.


  7. Congratulations! x

    I blog mainly because I love to talk and write and it gives me an outlet; it's nice to have a place to share my crafty creations, as my family, while supportive, just don't 'get' it; and I continue because I've 'met' such lovely people via their blogs and my own 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win x


  8. Hi Ruth, What a nice giveaway. The reasons I blog is for dialog between like-minded sisters across the miles and to get and share ideas and thoughts. Hugs, Mollye


  9. Congratulations Ruth, 1000 blog posts is quite an achievement. Your question made me think about why I blog and I guess the main reason is because our family is spread around the world (UK, South Africa,Canada and America) and it's a way to keep in touch and let people know what's going on. It's always been a great source of letting people know on progress if anyone has had an op, been ill or had a baby or got married etc. What would we do without the internet!


  10. Hi Ruth! Congrats on your milestone! I've been blogging for almost two years but still have less than 200 posts, 171 to be exact.

    I started blogging because somehow pictures didn't seem to be enough for me to share. The creative process is something unique and best part of it is sharing the process and the feelings involved. I've met many special friends on line trough my craft boards (cross stitch and crochet mostly, but also knitting and sewing), having a blog seemed to be a good way to compensate the distance, we can't craft together but I can show and tell and make us feel closer. Here I have many friends, and some of them have actually gotten the craft bug from me, but they are not as crafty as I would like them to be (I mean in terms of sticking to it lol)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I might also try your challenge :oD

    Nice blog, I'll keep coming back!


  11. Wow what a great blog you have. So glad to have found you on Pink Saturday. Love the give away, please enter me. I am going to follow your blog i've enjoyed it so much.

    Linda M.


  12. Hi Ruth, I would love to be included in this beautiful give a way. I had to stop and think about your question of why I blog. I think it's because I love to hear the stories of someones else's life. If you think about the stories that are being told this week on pink saturday, it fills the heart with love and warmth. It gives me hope for a brighter and better future, when you feel low or down, there is always someone out here in blogland that can lift your spirits up. You can find lots and lots of joy in what others offer. Thankyou my friend, I fill better just having written that, Char


  13. Why do I blog? I started because it was a challenge for me at 50 to start blogging – but now it's a way of sharing my crafting and communicating with the Big Wide World of like-minded people out there!


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