Pink Saturday

Here we are again ~ Pink Saturday! Thanks go again to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting and organising what is obviously now an enormous task! This week, I’m cheating a little, as I’m featuring a minibook giveaway as my something pink. The minibook is made from one sheet of 12×12 cardstock and the instructions how to make it are here. To be in with a chance of winning it, please leave a comment to show that you dropped by; become a follower of this ordinary, run-of-the-mill blog if you’d like a 2nd chance of winning. The random number selector thingy will choose the winner at 12 Noon (GMT) on Tuesday, 24 November at 12 Noon (GMT).
This week, I’m highlighting Leann’s blog again ~The Old Parsonage ~ as one worth a visit.

17 thoughts on “Pink Saturday

  1. Ruth, that is really, really cute, and speaking of really, really cute, I photographed my book for a post I want to do about it! I just love it. I didn't get good pics, though, so I want to be sure and shoot it again to its best advantage.

    I have been in involuntary exile with my computer equipment fritzing on me. Back in time for PS. Speaking of which…

    Happy Pink Saturday to you!


    Sheila 🙂


  2. Hi Ruth sweetie…
    Happy Pink Saturday. Lovely post and lovely pink. I love this little mini book in pink. Please enter my name in the give away. I am already a follower. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Please stop by and say hi. I love it when you do. Country hugs…Sherry


  3. Now that's CUTE……One of these days I'm going to break open my HUGE cupboard of paper stuff and actually make something! Right now I just consider it a fun think to collect…..sick, I know.

    Warm blessings,


  4. Cute pink book. thanks for the instructions and thanks for a chance to win this one. I enjoy reading your blog. Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for the upcoming holidays! ~ Sarah


  5. Thanks for the link to your tutorial and the mini books. They're just lovely and I want one really bad..hopefully, I can make one that looks good. And as a p.s. I am already a follower of your sweet blog..


  6. I am really late in wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday!
    Your mini book is precious and I hope you will enter me. I have many papers and supplies, but just do not know where to start…maybe one day…..


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