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Welcome to Blog Around The World, a circle of 40 bloggers bringing you …. the view from our kitchen windows, and maybe a scrapping space or two! Blog Around The World is the brainchild of New Zealander Helena, who can be found at, and was inspired by the wonderful Shimelle and her online class Blogging For Scrapbookers. An extra welcome to any readers who have joined via the blog train’s last stop at

As for the view from my kitchen window, it’s not very exciting, I know, but that’s what happens when you live in suburbia. The gates are open because my DH had just left in the car and I was waiting for our nephew to arrive and park up before heading off to Uni. Those pink sacks that you can just about see by the right hand gate? They are the garden waste recycling bags and are currently full of dead leaves. And please just ignore the raised flower bed, everything needs digging over and some serious pruning.
If you would really like to see what my scrapping space looks like, you can see it here, as I blogged about it on 2 November.
From Suburban London, why don’t you pop across to see Deb in Arizona, USA and the view from her window? She loves all sorts of crafting and you should definitely check out her chalk blocks ~ I want some! You can find Deb at the brilliantly named PaperTurtle blog.
Thank you very much for taking part in our Blog Around The World.

23 thoughts on “Blog Around The World

  1. This is so interesting – I've seen beautiful blue skies and scorching heat, highly polished mirrored buildings, and then something that's far closer to what I recognise near my own home 🙂 Thanks for sharing x


  2. Looks like you've been working very hard clearing leaves! Thanks for drawing back the curtains and letting us see outside today. Hope you've had a great day.


  3. Oh, your view is lovely! Funny how it's “not very exciting” to you, but when I saw it I gasped. I love it!

    :o) Thank you for the very nice intro for my blog too. So sweet of you.


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