SLYMI: Week 46

This week’s challenge was to scrap a thank you. As some of you already know, the end of this month sees me and my BF celebrating 20 years of friendship, so there really was only one option for this challenge, wasn’t there? (I count my blessings on a regular basis and I know that I am thankful for numerous people in my life; I couldn’t live without them and they know who they are.)

11 thoughts on “SLYMI: Week 46

  1. Oh Ruth…
    It looks beautiful, and what a wonderful thing to be able to grace each others lives for 20 years. I love the cover. The thank you words and the buttons. I love the way you have layered the papers. Absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing today, your wonderful gift of love. Whomever the receiver is, they are so blessed.

    You bless me each day that I come to your blog and read. Thank you my friend. Thank you. Country hugs…Sherry


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