Learning Something New Every Day, With A Christmas Feel

Last September, I took part in, and completed, Shimelle’s Learn Something New Every Day class, and I had great fun spotting new ‘learning moments’ in my everyday routine. Now, as some of you may know, Shimelle very kindly offers a pay-once-take-part-for-ever experience, so this year I decided to hold over LSNED until December (my sister is joining me in this because, if we’re honest, neither of us can face the marathon that is Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class 2 years in a row!)
I really enjoyed JYC last year, prompting lots of lovely childhood memories and the re-visiting of family traditions ~ Chinese takeaway of Christmas Eve, anyone? No? How about making sure you have the same number of sprouts as your BiL?
If you haven’t taken this class before, you should definitely consider it. And no, Shimelle isn’t paying me a commission for all this advertising.
But, I’m digressing; the point of this post is to share with you my LSNED ’09 mini-book, which was finished yesterday and photographed just now (in shocking light … really dark outside and we’ve had the house lights on all day). I’ve used my new lush Christmas papers and brads, with 2 shades of green cardstock. The day markers are Bazzill’s spotty cardstock (I know it’s not called that, but I can’t remember the proper name just now) and they were cut on my Cricut (George & Basic Shapes; 2.5 inches). I miscalculated the size needed but, actually, I rather like the over-large size, as they give the minibook something of a funky feel … in my opinion!
I have to thank Robyn over at Made In Brooklyn for the design idea, check out her post about her December Daily album. Oh, and take the time to look at her Advent quilt – stunning!

11 thoughts on “Learning Something New Every Day, With A Christmas Feel

  1. Lovely book. I've done Journal Your Christmas for three years, but somehow have never managed to finish Learn Something New although each year I think I will! (I don't try to do each prompt any more for JYC but I do try to capture our holidays and special thoughts.)


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