Christmas Stocking Swap

Over on UKS, I’m taking part in a Christmas Stocking Swap. The idea is to spend no less than £12, plus the cost of the stocking, on what you think your recipient might like. In my case, I know that my recipient likes bling (and lots of it!), flowers, nail polish, glitter,ribbons and Snickers chocolate. I’ve added an envelope mini-book, pocket-sized, and a pink bracelet, which my mum kindly made and donated. Now that I see it all together, it doesn’t look like much, but that’s near on £20 there. I’ve just finished wrapping it all up in silver tissue paper. All that’s left to do is make the Christmas card … gulp!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking Swap

  1. Oh Ruth…
    How sweet, your Christmas Stocking recepient will be so excited to receive such a wonderful stocking with such bling. How fun was this?

    I love the idea. Have a beautiful day. Please stop by and say hi, I love it when you do, and I would love to share a story with you today.

    Country hugs, Sherry


  2. I hope you get back as nice a gift as you send. You know what swaps can be like. I think your recipient will be really pleased with that haul. She's very lucky 🙂


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