Gifts For A New Baby Boy

One of the mums from DS’s Friday YMCA class had her 2nd baby last Wednesday, another boy. (You may recall I have mentioned her before; she is the lady we gave DS’s cot to.) I was extremely impressed when she arrived at the end of the class last Friday with said newborn in tow; her toddler son had done the class with his daddy. The baby is absolutely gorgeous and looked tiny, even though he weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs (about 4.65 kgs, I think). More impressive was the news from mum that she got him out with just the help of gas & air! Give that girl a medal! Me? I took the drugs!!

Anyway, as a welcome to the world gift, I have made them 2 minibooks, no surprise there, is there?! I’m thinking that they could fill one with photos of both sons and then that could ‘belong’ to the older boy. Most important not to leave him out. I’ll be handing them over this coming Friday morning.
The light here today has been shocking, so I apologise for the quality of these images. The teddy bear is DH’s from childhood and if you pick him up at just the right angle, he growls!

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