The Soldiers

If you are British, you may have seen these guys perform at The Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance last Saturday night; you can hear and see them here: Don’t buy their album Coming Home because I told you about it, buy it for these guys:

All proceeds go to the Army Benevolent Fund, Help For Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

For my non-British readers, the majority of the crowd you can see in the 2nd clip are folks who live in the town of Royal Wotton Bassett, the nearest town to RAF Lyneham, and turn out, without fail, rain or shine, to pay their respects, knowing that for each one of them who stands to honour the fallen a thousand more of us are standing unseen at their shoulder.

4 thoughts on “The Soldiers

  1. Ruth, I so enjoyed seeing this. What beautiful voices and a lovely tribute.

    Something that I have thought which I always forget to make a remark about… isn't it funny how sometimes when people sing, you have a hard time telling whether they are from the UK or from the States, but when we speak, there is such a distinct difference in accents? Just one of those things that makes me as a speech/communications major in college go hmmmmm…. 🙂


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