Blogging For Scrapbookers: Day 7

Today’s prompt was all about paths to improved writing, something that I’ve been working on myself of late. I’ve had a look back at some of my first posts and they really were quite pitiful. I should note here that my punctuation has improved/given a shake up/been remembered since I’ve been reading aloud to DS. Commas are reminders to breathe! Part of the trouble in our style of posting is our hang ups from school days: paragraphs should be more than 2 sentences and never start a sentence with ‘and’ (thanks, Shimelle, for dusting those off from the recesses of my mind!). The conclusion is that blogging is like scrapping in that there is no ‘wrong’ way or ‘right’ way.
With that in mind, my mini LO for today is a reminder to expand on what I have to say, to give you the ‘meat’ of my story and not just the ‘bare bones’. The quotation is from Oprah Winfrey: “The more you praise your life and celebrate, the more there is to celebrate.”

2 thoughts on “Blogging For Scrapbookers: Day 7

  1. It is interesting to see the growth we make in writing. At first I was embarrased but then I realized that if I hadn't written some not-so-good stuff I wouldn't be writing the average stuff I write now. I've decided that I need to continue writing so that I can be a great writer. Sometimes the journey is the important thing, not the destination. I've enjoyed reading your blog. See you in class…


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