In The Name Of Sharing …

So, blog and scrap about a goal … one of mine is to learn to dance, properly. None of that shuffling round the dance floor or making like I’m one of the girls from ABBA for me anymore! I want to learn how to do proper grown-up-dancing … and I say this at least once a year … and nothing seems to happen.

Before I was married, I worked for a time at The Royal Ballet School and would convince myself, after watching the children perform, that I could do Classical Ballet, no problem. Now, it’s safe to say that you and I both know that just wasn’t the case; it did, however, provide no end of amusement for those extremely talented children!
And then there was the time of our wedding. We decided on a live jazz band for the reception after dinner, and entertained high hopes of learning to jive/lindy hop/swing. We would amaze our guests when we took to the floor for our 1st dance as Dr & Mrs. Amaze them, we did, because we were absolutely hopeless!
And then the BBC broadcast Strictly Come Dancing. I was a latecomer to Strictly, discovering it during the winter of 2006, when I was heavily pregnant with DS and therefore not venturing very far from home. But, oh my, I was very quickly an avid fan and have never missed an episode of the subsequent series. Strictly brightens up my Saturday nights; most of the celebrities can’t dance but, then again, neither can I!

(BTW – did anyone realise that I’ve run out of the letter “E” in red and the letter “R” in gold? If anyone has any influence with American Crafts, the Thickers division, please ask them to produce sheets of vowels only in their packs!)

5 thoughts on “In The Name Of Sharing …

  1. I, too want to become a good dancer with my husband. I took dance for 12 years and taught 3, I have the coordination but all these aches and pains and joint problems keep me putting it off
    😦 Hope you get to scrap that goal accomplished someday 🙂


  2. As I may proudly say my husband is a very good dancer and so am I. LOL
    It's true. I never had one lesson, unlike my husband, and I can do every dance. Maybe it's a gift, but I love it.


  3. That made me smile hope you do eventually learn to dance as Dr & Mrs Amaze. lol
    I thought the upside down ampersand for a e was deliberate and the red R right in the middle of the wor(l)d was perfect placement lol 😀


  4. Lovely LO – I also thought your use of the & sign and the red R was deliberate – I often mix up my alphas as well for the same reason.. in fact yesterday I cut up an h to make an extra l!
    Good luck with the dancing :o)


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