Remembrance Sunday

Henry Allingham, Harry Patch and Bill Stone: Great Britain’s last three venerable survivors of World War 1 sadly all passed away this year. They have, between them, created a legacy of Remembrance that ensures we will never forget the unflinching courage of their generation of heroes.

“At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we WILL remember them.”

8 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Amen, Ruth! And that quote always makes me cry. That kind of courage is the thing of which legends are made! We do remember, and we revere their sacrifices. England and the UK suffered such HUGE losses during WWI, and didn't one of the Queen Mother's own brothers die?

    I once met a man who had served during WWI (a neighbor to us when we first married), and he spent quite a bit of time telling me about his experiences… saw his doughboy uniform, etc. An elderly black man that worked for my parents also served in that war. He was one of the greatest people I have ever known. He had never been more than about thirty miles from home when he found himself on a troop ship bound across the sea. I cannot imagine what his experiences were, and at the time, I was too young to fully understand. But I remember him as fondly as I do my own family members.

    I put out my flags today… for the fallen in America and in the UK. My heart is so heavy for the tragedies of this past week. I wish I had a better shot of the Union Jack, but this was the only one I had of it flying. I need to get a better one when I get home.





  2. Beautiful photo of those heroes. Did you say world war nr 1 ?? 1914-1918. ?? They must have been far over 100 years old each of them.
    Have a nice day


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