Waste Not, Want Not

I knew that DS would have a long nap this afternoon because he’d woken this morning at 5.30am and had a morning at nursery to look forward to. I was right, he managed 3 hours, and in that time I was a busy little bee. I made 2 more mini-books, pink themed and decorated with Basic Grey’s gorgeous Urban Prairie and Two Scoops. I also spent a happy 10 minutes punching circles out of the scraps. The fact that the ironing basket was neglected (actually, I down right ignored it!) is by-the by; I did find the time to change our bed and sweep the drive, again, of all the leaves and squashed fruit from next door’s fig tree. I can go to bed this evening knowing that I’m not a total failure as a housewife!

7 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. I love the Urban Prairie range and used it during Cathy's Design your Life class.
    Well done on doing some housework. I'm trying to keep on top of my ironing so that it never piles up again (wonder how long that will last!!)


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