HSMSHS on Facebook: Cut

Today’s word prompt on the HSMSHS page on Facebook is cut: 1) make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp implement. 2) shorten or divide into pieces with a sharp implement. 3) make, form, or remove with a sharp implement. 4) make or design (a garment) in a particular way: an impeccably cut suit. 5) reduce the amount or quantity of. 6) end or interrupt the provision of (a supply). 7) (of a line) cross or intersect (another line). 8) stop filming or recording. 9) move to another shot in a film. 10) make (a sound recording). 11)divide a pack of playing cards by lifting a portion from the top.

My apple corer cutting into my lunch time Granny Smith’s does the job today.

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