Book Club & Homework Not Done …

As today is the 1st Thursday in the month, I am off to my book club this morning.  And here’s the thing, I haven’t done my homework. Last month, our lovely librarian (we meet in the Central Library) informed us that she would be no longer leading our group, as management felt her time would be better spent on “strategy”, rather than face-to-face with people who love books and actively want to discuss them.

Ludicrous, in my opinion, but there you go.

Our book this month has been Q&A, which you may well know as Slumdog Millionaire, and because I’d read it earlier in the year, I found myself volunteering to lead the group today. And I haven’t prepared properly at all! But why not, you say? Any number of things, really ~ family stuff, being under the weather, The Boy Child being poorly, scrapping, blogging, sleeping … I only have myself to blame!

The people in my group are lovely so I’m sure they’ll understand … wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Book Club & Homework Not Done …

  1. My best friend loves Beth Moore Bible studies, but she is always waiting until the last minute to do the readings. So, she has calculations on how much she has to do and when it is due. She calls it Beth Moore math. You should figure out something like that for your book club. Don't forget to figure in how many lattes you need! lol


  2. I'm sure it will all go well and if anything like 'Marlowe' you will have the job for ages!!!!!
    John has appeared because he was here to get things back on line, incase you are wondering how he came to be in the picture.
    I have caught up with your life over the last couple of weeks. xxxx


  3. When I was a librarian we used to pin up the phone numbers etc people phoned us for so it was quick for us to read them off..and management told us to stop because it looked untidy!!


  4. What a shame that your librarian isn't allowed to help anymore! I recently started a book club and we ask everyone to rotate leadership of the discussions, just an idea that's worked well for us. Hope it went well!


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