Where It’s At

Given that Shimelle’s Blogging for Scrapbookers class has begun today, and that I’m hoping to have a few/some/lots of visitors to my blog, I thought I’d show you where all my blogging and scrapping happens. It’s a wee bit cramped but that’s because I choose to have 2 desks, so it’s probably just as well as I like to keep things tidy and ordered … my DH says I have OCD but what does he know!?

10 thoughts on “Where It’s At

  1. Great scrappy space! I really like how you've lined your desk with jars of pretty supplies. I'm a person who needs to see it to use it, so this would work great for me. Thanks for the idea! -Sharyn


  2. Ooh, looks great 🙂 I wish I was tidy!! My own borderline OCD tendencies mean I have to organise all my supplies, but I can't keep them tidy… I have a LOT of cute little jars of colour-coordinated ribbons and buttons though!


  3. OCD – Obsessive, Creative, Disorder! I wish my craft space was that cramped!! and not the cubby hole off our bedroom 😦 Off to start some Christmas cards.


  4. Great space, mine is not as organised and I wish I was tidier! At the moment I'm trying to contain my sewing, photography, computing/printing and scrapbooking in one area – it's pretty cramped!!


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