DS And The Pumpkin: Part 2

I’m loving the photo of DS checking out the lit pumpkin and I’m also loving how my first carved pumpkin turned out!

Oh, and how many Trick or Treaters did we get? Not a single one, which DH approves of because he can now eat the chocolate!

5 thoughts on “DS And The Pumpkin: Part 2

  1. That photo of your son with the pumpkin is so cute! We had one group of girls dressed up and one boy on his own and that was it. My daughter has offered to eat the chocolates ;o)


  2. I love it. he looks so engrossed as if he's wondering what it will do.
    We only had two sets of “Guysers” (as they call them up here) but one did ask if John was an artist. John gave the usual reply!!!!!!!!!


  3. Once, again… DS just does something so adorable that I sigh, “OH, how CUTE!” That shot is frameworthy, Ruth. It looks like something out of an English storybook.

    We had fewer trick or treaters this year. Not sure why unless parents kept their kids in to keep them from getting swine flu. I also think there are more school carnivals. I wish your DH was here because I would be handing over to you a WHOLE sack of chocolates… Hersheys and Reece's both. The good stuff. 😉

    I would mail it to England, but I fear that it would be a gooey mess upon arriving. It's still hot in Florida (though it cooled off some today), but sitting on a mail truck would cause it to be one ooey gooey mess upon arrival. 😉


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