DS And The Pumpkin

DS made a brilliant Halloween card at nursery on Wednesday (you’ll be able to see it here tomorrow), so DH and I decided that this year we would get a pumpkin and have a go at some carving. Would you believe me if I told you that the supermarket only had 3 left? It’s true. I chose the biggest one and was thrilled to discover at the checkout that it was a mere 75p – an absolute bargain! I also bought mini chocolates for any Trick or Treaters who may call tomorrow evening, but I’m thinking that DH has his beady eye on them. I’ll need to hide them overnight!

Pop back tomorrow to view the carved pumpkin and DS’s card, plus a chance to win my Pink Saturday GiveAway.

6 thoughts on “DS And The Pumpkin

  1. cute pics 🙂 i've never heard of cards for Halloween! I never get guysers round where i live, just as well so i don't have to buy lots of sweets I would just eat 🙂


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