Commercials On The Common

This afternoon on the Common, partially hidden behind the Circus, were these guys. Our area of West London is often used by film crews so it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see stuff set up in areas you wouldn’t expect. I couldn’t see anyone famous, so using the pup as bait, we edged a wee bit closer. Very few grown men can resist the sight of a Chocolate Labrador with a cute face and a very waggy tail, I find! It wasn’t anything that exciting after all, they were shooting a commercial for Nokia and it seemed to involve an awful lot of standing around and drinking tea. The pup got a biscuit out of it and DS made the guys laugh by telling them it was exciting!

One thought on “Commercials On The Common

  1. SO cute. I love it that your dog got a bisquit out of it and that DS was well received. He is just so cute!

    We had a movie filmed across the street from our house, and it was like a circus. But I found it very exciting. The director shot one scene from our yard, and we got to come and go from the location and watch any shooting. They were great about letting the neighbors come watch. The director was stunned that people here were so nice about it all.


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