And The Darkest Hour …

… is just before dawn. You may recognise that line from the Mamas & Papas song “Dedicated To The One I Love” but, in this case it refers to last night in this house. Poor DS seems to have picked up the nasty cough that DH and I have been struggling with these last few weeks; last night the poor wee boy coughed so much that he made himself sick … twice. So there I was, with the time getting on towards 11pm, cuddling and soothing a sodden mess of a boy and having to change him and his bed completely. And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, his very favourite teddy and blankie were covered in yukky stuff, which meant a trip to the kitchen to use the quick-wash program on the washing machine. It was gone midnight by the time I’d got them dry enough for DS to have them back. He, of course, had gone back to sleep again … until I’m woken by his wailing at just after 4am. He wasn’t sick again, thankfully, but very out of sorts and took half an hour to get back to sleep. 7am rolls around, DS wakes up and we start our day …

Apart from looking tired, DS was remarkably chipper this morning, so much so that I took a chance and dropped him off at nursery, as usual. A flying visit to the supermarket for me and I’m back home by 9.30am, with time to enjoy tea and toast alongside the latest copy of Scrapbook Trends magazine and the newspaper.
But where was your DH, you may be asking? Didn’t he help? DH is currently away on a business trip and I’ve noticed that DS falling ill always seems to occur when I’m on my tod. Ho hum, such is life!

You’ll have to excuse me, I think I might just pop off for 40 winks …

6 thoughts on “And The Darkest Hour …

  1. Hope your son is feeling better soon, isn't it typical that they get sick when your husband's away. Something always goes wrong when mine goes away too! Hope you had a chance to rest up and enjoy your magazine and paper. Where did you find a Scrapbook Trends magazine?, I haven't seen them here in the UK but always pick one up when I visit my SIL in Chicago.


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