Planning A New Photographic Project

Well, new for me at any rate. I’ve been following a couple of blogs where the owners of them have been producing a photograph a day for a whole year. Check out Lens And Pens and DottyDotty for brilliant examples. I really like the idea of a Photo Journal for a whole year so I’ve set myself the target of photographing 2010, one day at a time. Everyday life in all its glory and mundane-ness! And to that end, this afternoon I’ve covered a recipe journal I’ve had for a few months (bought with the idea in mind to use it as something else) and turned it into my 2010 project. Inside, I’ve removed all the blank pages and put in 12 dividers (one for each month) and 6 plastic wallets, which I plan to use for the Monthly Best Shot (or some other such pack-a-punch title … I’m still thinking about that one!) Each photo will be a simplified mini LO, of varying sizes, but no bigger than a 7×5 photo … or, at least, that’s the plan for now.

(For the scrappers out there – I used Cosmo Cricket’s gorgeous Early Bird range. The small flower paper is Apron Strings, which I thought was appropriate, given what the journal started out as.)

10 thoughts on “Planning A New Photographic Project

  1. HI Ruth. I have been following some of those blogs too and it has crossed my mind to also do that but i was wondering if you have to make one or just post one photo every day.I can see you have a whole plan and are making a project of it, that is so cool. You are waiting to first of january to start?
    Have a nice evening.


  2. I think I might join you next year. not sure about making an album but we'll see. Tammy and Val have done really well to keep up and they've got some great shots between them.


  3. Hi Ruth! I have been taking a photo a day since my 50th birthday in March, so only another 5 months to go! It's great fun – but I haven't sone anything except blogged my photos atm.


  4. Oh, love the idea!! I was thinking of doing 'Scrap Your Day' in 2010, where you take lots of photos on the 25th of each month, have you seen that? But I usually take at least one photo every day so maybe I'll do this too! (Except that for now, all I'll commit to is taking a photo and posting it on my blog, I may not manage to produce a beautiful album like yours…)

    Anyway, I just dropped by from Shimelle's to say Hi and See you in class!! 😉


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