Boys And Their Toys

DH has to go into hospital next month for a routine operation and we’ve been discussing where he will spend his first few days of convalescence. I pointed out that DS won’t understand about Daddy being off limits if he sees him lolling about in the lounge, watching day-time TV. I suggested DH should spend those first few days upstairs and even said that we could buy a small TV for use in the bedroom. (DH always says that TVs have no place in bedrooms.) Anyway, he has obviously been giving it some thought because look what turned up at the end of last week! HD, plasma screen, BluRay, blah, blah, blah. Still the same old rubbish on the TV, however you look at it. And no, it is not in the bedroom, it is in DH’s loft office.

7 thoughts on “Boys And Their Toys

  1. Boys and their toys!! Should have moved the one from downstairs and had the new one in the living room. How long does he think he's recovering for??????? I know men!!!


  2. Oh, Mr. Magpie would love to get this hands on one of those, Ruth!

    Sorry to hear your DH is going to have surgery. That is never fun. Hope everything goes smoothly.

    Somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that TV might end up in your room for a bit. 😉


  3. Snap! You soon get used to the “being at the cinema” feeling but definitely NO TV in our bedroom either! Nor the kids when they get older…..


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