The Magic That Is Duplo

I love Duplo, the baby version of Lego! DS is now finally at an age where he wants to build stuff, mostly towers of bricks, and Duplo is perfect for this. We were given a large box of the stuff by SIL when DS was very small. It had belonged to SIL’s twin boys who, by the way, are now nearly 28-years-old! I don’t suppose that SIL ever thought her brother would be 45 before becoming a father; she’d probably imagined that she’d get shot of the stuff to him years ago. Anyway, we have added to it, mainly more plain bricks and the Duplo Town box set. I think Santa may be bringing DS the Thomas The Tank Engine set, given that we already have masses of track.

You can imagine DS and me this afternoon – he’s building towers as tall as he can manage and I’m building houses with roof gardens (Kevin McCloud on C4’s Grand Designs has a lot to answer for) and trying to build shapes that may just resemble a dinosaur or the Loch Ness Monster! (Apologies for the poor quality of the image, but you get the general idea.)

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