Cafe Society

The plan, this morning, in between the rain showers, was to take DS and the pooch to the park. However, half way there, DH decided that he didn’t want to go to the park and suggested stopping for coffee instead. We chose to sit at a table outside the coffee shop, but under the canopy, because it had a clear line of vision for all the buses passing by (double dose of buses today, as the Tube is running a rail replacement service while they carry out engineering works on the lines). DS thought it was brilliant and was literally bouncing up and down in his seat with excitement! Isn’t it wonderful that little people get such great pleasure out of ordinary, everyday things?

3 thoughts on “Cafe Society

  1. Ruth, I'm not sure that child can get any cuter, but each picture of him is cuter than the one before. And you're right, there is nothing like watching the excitement of a child over the simple things and things we often take for granted. Would that we could all be four in our hearts!


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