Outside Adventures

As the weather has been dry, but cold, this weekend, we’ve tried to be outside as much as possible. Saturday saw two trips out with the pooch en famille, the AM walk to the local park so DS could go on the swings and the PM one to the Common at the end of our road. There’s an end-of-line bus stop next to the Common, which is such an added bonus for DS; he is in love with London’s red buses (such a shame they are no longer Routemasters) and becomes so excitable if he comes within 20 feet of one! Today saw us visit the InLaws in Maidenhead and DS had the opportunity to help (or hinder, delete as appropriate) his Uncle L with the Autumn planting, mostly Pansies and Cyclamen. DS was very funny, because when all the planting was complete he said to his Uncle L, “Well done, fantastic!”

4 thoughts on “Outside Adventures

  1. Gosh, your little boy is so cute! I love cyclamen, I have some fuschia growing near the front door. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I look forward to your next visit to LA!


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